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DUFFY KING -“Acoustically Speaking” (New Album)Featured in JAZZIZ Magazine’s (Winter 2016-17).

Duffy King's New Record - "Acoustically Speaking"



"Danza Del Sol" song on the FEATURED Sampler  Disc included in this issue of JAZZIZ MAGAZINE.  

And I'm playing Percussion On iT!   

"Danza del Sol"  by Duffy King;

[Duffy- Nylon String Guitars; Felix Sainz - Double Bass; Rob Emanuel - Drums; Perry Senn- Percussion] 

I've only known of Duffy King since about 2013.  I was working with a steady band and when we'd play in clubs north of Phoenix - We'd see Duffy come by and sit in with us once in a while.

 But, I enjoyed every time he sat in -he crushed it.. Not only  can the man play acoustic guitars as is evidenced on his album, but he plays electric guitar like a beast, and SINGS his butt off.

  1. Duffy even tapped me for the drum chair in an "All-Star" group he packaged it as-(cause the four  of us in that band were from other well-known, highly visible bands around Phoenix). Duffy- was working with the "Crown Kings";
  2. Perry Senn -(yours truly) at that time, holding the drum chair with the "Ryan Sims Band" (formerly Easton Ashe); 
  3. Guy Kolpitz-Our second guitarist, is still lead guitar of "Mogollon";
  4. Joe Bass (Yes that's the man's name), also from Detroit-a long-time musical associate of Duffy, (being from same hometown and all)- was also playing around Phoenix -hired by many that knew of his bass playing prowess.  

Duffy and I became fast friends for the couple years he lived in Phoenix, before He and his wife moved back to his hometown, Detroit where he grew up. 

So, we're hanging out and Duffy says something like; I've got this "Acoustic" record that I've written and been recording- I've already added some drums and bass -so- it's mostly finished, he says;  "BUT, I THink I'm 'Hearing' some percussion in it too".

*So when he asked me to come up and play some on his record, I agreed without a second thought. Cause whatever that man does is musical and fun... imagine that!

I've played percussion on a lot of studio dates; so I just brought along some things that I figured would do; As far as the flavor of the grooves and textures.. He wanted an "Acoustic Feel" and Sound to this particular record- and I think we accomplished that for this project. ​Of course it was another fun day hitting things, and hanging with Duffy and his huge dog in his studio space. 

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  • There are whispers in the breeze, that he may be booking an upcoming show at the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) in the future - supporting this record.
  • The copy of JAZZIZ Magazine is reported to be at the 2017 NAMM Show in Anaheim this January.
  • So look for it in the FREE Magazine racks (Of all the MAJOR publications like Guitar Player; Modern Drummer, etc); that they offer in the show. (Usually around by the registration area and/or lower levels of the NAMM Convention Center Hall).  ​

Thanks for reading - (pick up JAZZIZ magazine free at NAMM if you're there) 

Blessings, and Keep Groovin' 

Drum Tips_ Learn How to Play Drums For Beginners

Learn How to Play Drums for Beginners...

Today'sTIP: Slow it Down to Play Faster

Or Anyone ELSE that ever wants to learn a drum beat, fill, or phrase quickly-- Anyone?! I THOUGHT SO - hehe.. Read on. 

Have you ever found yourself playing a beat or fill, and thought, Just try it again?
  • While that's the GENERAL IDEA; that won't really get you where you want (or need) to be.
  • First of all, if we're NOT playing it right- We're Learning it wrong.
  • The main issue is Drumming is Muscle Memory which means by repetition of a movement- that movement is "Memorized" by our body.
  • We generally want to practice at our BODY GROOVE which is fairly around our heart rate. So, to slow down, Just Feels Weird. *Yes and sometimes harder to do.

I started out at my drums: Just a regular day- warmup,

  • I start playing a sticking that is fairly easy for me.
  • I wanted to put a foot pattern under the hands (that by itself was also familiar and farily easy for me).
  • But - it wasn't happening right away.

So, I backed the tempo, way down...

I realized as I started to do this = This IS the exact thing TO DO, That I tell my students or any class, of practically anything that "We can't yet do".


 ( I used myself- to prove to you, that, while it may take different times depending on the difficulty, and/or the familiarity to something you already know or can already play): This exercise WAS something I couldn't do right when I set out to add the feet to the hands right off. (Yes I can play a lot of other combinations- But the LESSON HERE is the SAME. (Have you Ever Heard?) SLOW and STEADY wins the race!

*a very POWERFUL TOOL in LEARNING TO PLAY THE DRUMS (Any instrument really); what I find to be one of the toughest things for us drummers to do.


Many times, while teaching students, I'll have to stop and remind them of this simple "TIP".

A lot of the time it's my beginners need a few more reminders, because they haven't learned to trust the process yet ; Yet, I find many players, myself included; Do well to take this advice.

Here's something I like to remember along with learning a fill, groove, etc. on the drums.

"Everything is playable- we just have find THAT speed, and start there".

About Now, you're saying- That's boring and "I'm outta Here"... But, check out this video just below__ 

Starting with Just  a Single Stroke Roll - This was done to  show SLOW to FAST to SLOW (Just take this process and stretch it out in your practicing rudiments).  

Keep Groovin'