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Our Passions lead us to Create Experiences that Expand Us and Inspire Those Around Us.​

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I Hope to Help YOU Make Memorable Moments for Your Fans and Audience!​

An accomplished performer; drummer, percussionist, teacher, and author.

Having Worked With Some of the Most Highly Respected Names in the Music Industry...

Chuck Berry(Lengendary Rock n'Roll Pioneer), David Garfield(George Benson,LA Studios), Rob Chiarelli(2x Winner-Grammy Awards), Michael Becker(Grammy Award-"Crash"), Alex Ligertwood(Santana vocalist), read more...


Do The PROS Have "SECRETS" ? 

There ARE ANSWERS in "Drum Control" Vol.1

Discover Which of These You Might Be Doing to REPEL GIGS and WHAT To Do INSTEAD


“Drum Control” Volume 1

aka. - the Beginning Drummer’s Battleplan.

Moving Ahead as an Author & Teacher

This Spring 2017;  Duffy King's New Release, -"Acoustically Speaking" was featured in JAZZIZ magazine's new Music Sampler CD. (The Song; "Danza del Sol"   with Senn playing percussion);

to READ about it-click here:   http://www.perrysenn.com/vlog-posts/​

Perry Senn has been working and touring as a sideman with some of the most respected names in the music business since starting his career. A few include; The legendary Chuck Berry; vocalist-Alex Ligertwood (Santana); Renowned Jazz artists Jack Sheldon (illustrious Jazz trumpeter, Actor, -TV, Film); and David Garfield (George Benson-musical director). Adept on drum set or percussion in studio recording dates. And, being an excellent sight reader; he’s driven several Big Bands, and musicals.

An accomplished, extremely versatile, drummer and percussionist, with his Bachelor’s of Music in Jazz Studies, from a renowned Eastern University-William Paterson University for Jazz Studies and Performance. 

Along with his vast and varied performing experience brings a musical drummer to the gig; it could also be said, a special instructor to his drum students.


First of all- It could have started out as a way to bring in more money. But ultimately, It's not a money thing for me. I'm PASSIONATE ABOUT IT, And I Believer I Have Plenty To Offer Students, As Someone Who's Taken A Ton Of Lessons, and Spent A Lot OF Time IN The Practice "Shed", And Played In Thousands of Different Situations, Leaders, Bands, and Venues.  

Back when I was teaching for Milano's Music under Dave Jewell years ago, I tried having a lot of students. And I could have kept that up, But I ended up opting for 12-15 a week and decided, because I thought it was important to give my students a GREAT LESSON. To do that, I felt (at that time anyway) that I had to be practicing and researching drumming ideas to bring to the table, and with playing gigs almost every night, I also needed to get a bit of time when not teaching or setting up and playing all-out for another 4 hours -to get in after 2am. To not Teach SO Many.

-Since then, and many, many students later, along with keeping my own daily practice logs of books I was playing out of, exercises and patterns I was learning, metronome markings, and NEW LICKS AND IDEAS I'd come up with from a lot of those concepts. (Either a change in sticking- or; instead of a 6 stroke roll between the hands and feet- I wanted 9 strokes to have it land back on beat 4 for instance_)- These licks and the Exercises That Went Into ME Coming Up With Them Are What's Inspired Me To Finally Write The "DRUM CONTROL" Book(s)

THE FIRST REASON "DRUM CONTROL -Volume 1" is ready to go and I have about FOUR MORE at This Point "Mapped out". Each Volume Containing and embellishing on "Any Drummer's 4 KEYS TO PLAY LIKE A PRO!

THE SECOND REASON  -I REALLY Want to HELP the students KNOW WHY I'm either suggesting an Exercise, Technique Builder or some Listening. I felt at times, (with some of my early teachers especially, but I was also younger); I felt they'd give me what they were doing with all their students that week- regardless of where we were all at. (Sometimes I think the material and the WAY it was presented, -made it harder than it needed to be to practice). 

I would have loved to hear my teacher play it FOR ME- or at least -play a recording of the solo, or passage, or lick he was writing out the transcription for. Both would have been really cool - so I could see it up close as well. (From all the nights in NYC jazz clubs I think now that with, "picture is worth a thousand words" then Youtube is worth its weight------ BUT WAIT!.. Only if you're watching the "right things", That's why it's too EASY TO Get Off Track! Or practice Stuff That Won't Get You More Gigs....Or ANY Gigs?!

Back to the other point of playing the LICK for me. IT's Not Only Helpful, But Crucial, To Hear HOW The LICK is Going To Sound IN The Phrase or Music That You're Going to Be Using It For.  

This Is Where USING "DRUM CONTROL" HAS THE ADVANTAGE OVER SO MANY OTHER Teaching Methods or Ways We're Getting Our Information. 

Not Only Can You Be Sure You're Hitting THE "Any Drummer's 4 KEYS TO PLAY LIKE A PRO" on a consistent basis. But, 

 Lesson Suggestions and Exercises in the Book(s). are "BACKED UP" With  VIDEOS of the very thing You're Working On. JUST Click On The Picture, or Exercise and It Plays Right Away (NO clicking Away or Trying To Remember TO Look For IT Later On Youtube).  NO LONG INTRODUCTIONS - Just RIGHT TO The  Drumming Lesson or Rudiment You're Working On! 

You Can SEE And HEAR it Played Slow, So You Can Follow Along: And Fast, So You Can Hear And Practice It Up To Speed. ​ 

Teaching drum students of all levels, has always been part of his career. Even attending some PASIC conventions. Perry has helped along some students to receive entrance and scholarships to colleges (fall of 2016; his student for past 4 yrs -is attending P.I.T. -Hollywood, CA. on scholarship).

Perry Senn and Drum Students in Sectional Lesson @ Tesseract school-Phx, AZ.

Professional Experiences  

+20k Gigs Played
+45k Air Miles Flown
+4k Students taught
~50 Studio Sessions


Perry grew up in Northern Wisconsin. Across the St. Croix river from St.Paul/Minn. MN. His father, was his Jr. high band director. Besides a couple early years of piano, bass was his first instrument. As taken as he was by the bass- he asked his dad if he should try out for the drums. He passed that audition, so, he moved to drums and his father taught him the first rudiments.. Inspired by upper class drummers, and always asking them questions, his goal, to catch up to them quickly, kept him practicing diligently. After working out on his first snare drum for over a year- he got, a drum set. And got "serious" -(well, for eight). 

He started out his first two years at UW Green Bay, ​(Classical Music Percussion Major degree path).  One illustrious classmate being, being Carl Allen -an extremely gitfed jazz drummer, who has been among one of the top jazz drummers on the scene and head of Julliard's Jazz Program for over 20 years. Who also followed Senn's lead to the New Jersey School- William Paterson Univ. where they both graduated the Jazz Program headed at that time by the Illustrious Rufus Reid. 

At that time, a quick trip fro NJ to NYC, and relatively inexpensive getting into the Jazz clubs like "The Village Vanguard", "Bitter End", "Bottom Line", Sweet Basil", "Public Theater" to see SO MANY huge talents and the REAL Players on the scene.

Such as; Drummers; Jack DeJohnette, Al Foster, Art Blakey, Mel Lewis/Thad Jones  Big Band-with Mel, Adam Nussbaum, Don Pullen, Freddie Waits, Akira Tana, George Mraz-bass, Ron Carter-bass, Art Ens. of Chicago,  Mike Stern, etc...

In the spirit of "Creativity and Expressing this Passion" we have towards MUSIC, and Drumming; "I can always appreciate another take from other players, and sometimes I like it so much- I USE IT.   Perry has sought out opportunities to study with other "Name Drummers and  Musicians". _

Below are these Players that he's been fortunate to take private study from.

Peter Erskine, Jeff Hamilton, Michael Carvin, Freddie Waits, Joe LaBarbara, Bernie Dresel, Greg Bissonette, Rufus Reid, Dave Samuels-Vibes, Steve Bagby, Dom Moio.

(briefly); Ari Hoenig,  Danny Tomlinson, Kenny Aronoff, and Ricky Lawson.

After school- Perry and fiancé-from NM. moved to Phoenix, based on the size of the music scene and potential for drumming gigs, and being closer to NM. In about a year Perry was playing almost full time and soon, he  was doing five to eight jobs a week on drums for the better part of the next 12 years. 

" The Fulltones" band - & CD Cover 2011

Greg Erba-Gtr,Vocals; Veikko Lepisto-bass, Perry Senn-drums

Greg Erba-gtr,vocals; Veikko Lepisto-bass; Perry Senn-drums

Go listen to some stuff we got down with relatively NO OverDubs.. Maybe a guitar thing here or there. -well, you can hear, there could have been overdubs to fix stuff, but we tracked while reading the charts Greg had just brought in those days.

From 1999 to 2012; when he made LA his home, there were invaluable career changing improvements, challenges, and growth; both personal as well as professional. These came some from other iconic musicians' insights, camaraderie, and shear inspiration. Not only did I play all over the LA area- mainly as a freelance drummer. For a time here and there I was also working with primary bands... some being the Painkillers, The Fulltones- we recorded a CD

"I had the opportunity to do full-time touring with the Doo Wah Riders, I got called to go out for a summer in 2004 and stayed -for 4 years. When I was with them, we played State Fairs, Casinos, Festivals, and Concerts as featured Artists and Opening for some of the Biggest names in Country at that time. (Brad Paisley, Trace Adkins, Rodney Crowell, Pat Green, Gretchen Wilson, etc.). We regularly played from Northern CA- to Sun Valley, UT. to Los Angeles, a few concerts in Chicago, even New Jersey. We played a Country Festival in France and got the royal treatment from the local hotel and the fans". Billings, MT. and that area were frequent stops in the summer festival, concert and fair season. 

4 years; My Home away from home

DWR Coach

All four years we worked at either Country Thunder-in AZ. and/or WI.  The DWRiders  played the Wisconsin CT. - the year  Lynyrd Skynyrd and Reba McEntire were the Headlining acts".... Skynyrd had almost 100K people on the grounds all there for that show.

I left the DWRiders, at the beginning of summer June 2008 to start a summer tour in support of Janiva Magness' CD release (her First one on the Blues Label- Alligator Records)- That's when I got play with Lee Thornburg- )trumpet extraordinaire) and among  gigs down to San Diego, and up to the SanFran Bay area, we also played Blues festivals in the Midwest and Chicago up to Maine.

A day with Richie Hayward -legendary "Little Feat" drummer and in Norway on hotel deck. (2008) An afternoon I probably won't forget. 

Touring experience: Has allowed him to travel and play Internationally in France, Switzerland, Sweden Spain, & Norwegian Blues Festivals, etc.  -As well as, most of the contingent U.S.   A bunch of travel that summer of 2008 -Going to Spain, Norway-(Notodden Blues Festival)-See Post  Thank goodness; even though, I almost never got pics with all the drummers I used to see and either hang with or talk to on a fairly regular basis in LA. I somehow figured I hadn't met Richie till this time (about 8-9 years into living in LA). So I asked on of the Little Feat guys who had been hanging with us this afternoon on the porch of the Hotel that all the bands (had to be twenty American bands there at least) stayed at during that festival. From Koko Taylor, to Mick Fleetwood and his Blues band (Mick was "best dressed" for sure). 

Another Project I was part of for a time. 

LAZ JAZZ -recruited by Larry Munoz' ​who's been a heck of a supporter and one of the "new buddies" since moving to Phoenix in 2012

Photo of *MIM concert with Larry Munoz, Nicole Pesce, Mel Brown & Perry Senn.​  *Musical Instrument Museum 

Some big U.S. venues- like the World Movie Premiere of “Cars”, Disney Land, Disney World, FLA., House of Blues, Las Vegas-Mandalay Bay, & others. Phoenix Fourth of July- 100,000 people; BottleRock Festival -Napa, CA. *Country Thunder, etc.

Getting married again, helped to decide to finish up touring after summer 2008. To stay back in LA and make a living -Not many folks seemed to know what was just around the corner. At the end of 2008 and by 2009 there quickly wasn't as much to do for ALL the musicians that suddenly found themselves back in Los Angeles; as many, many tours came to a halt for the next several years. So, on the tail of that, and family, it felt time to return to Phoenix. 

While it's been a good move back to Phoenix, AZ., another chance to see, and spend a bit of time with some old friends again,  I've gotten to play with a lot of players that I didn't ​the first time, just because they weren't in town, or in the scene yet. So, It's been very enjoyable in that way. 

Now it's time to move again, as a father, a player, and an educator etc. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with the musical community that's in and around Denver, CO area. My little daughter will be starting her school career. (kindergarten) -hehe. 

In the process of teaching hundreds and maybe thousands of drum students; Senn has developed, and written, -"Drum Control" vol. 1- (The awesome little drum method to achieve ultimate BIG Drumming results). 

 "To bring out developing drummer's proficiencies, as Quickly as possible and Get Sounding Batter; 

What Students and Teachers Think About Lessons..with Perry Senn

I highly recommend him as a teacher and a friend/drumming mentor.

Perry is a talented drummer and teacher who's definitely been around as his experience shows. He's always open to new things you like and finds new ways of explaining ideas and lessons.

Perry's personality keeps lessons lively and he always knows the best way to go about teaching/learning something. He doesn't push anything and doesn't gloat during lessons like a lot of teachers do. I highly recommend him as a teacher and a friend/drumming mentor.”

By Lucas A

Lucas Aikin Attending P.I.T. on Scholarship - fall 2016

If you are serious about getting it together and learning those much-needed skills to stand out

I studied with Perry back in high school and cannot overstate the value of the information he taught me. If you are serious about getting it together and learning those much-needed skills to stand out from the vast drumming herd, start studying with Perry today!"

By Chad E.

Upon graduating the University of Miami, and playing around there for a couple years. Chad is now a Freelance Drummer living in the Phoenix area

Chad Eisinger Freelance Drummer in Phoenix, AZ.

Students could greatly benefit from studying under him

As a colleague of Perry, we often discussed the psychological aspects of programming the subconscious in order to bring the most out of ourselves and our students. Perry is a world class pro player, and his ability to articulate ideas is profound. Students could greatly benefit from studying under him."


Perry has also studied conga drums and

Jazz drum set with Dom in the past.

Dom Moio Jazz Faculty @ ASU, Performer, Author

TO Bandleaders, Producers, Bands, & Students  

My Goal is to Help YOU Make Memorable Moments for Your Fans and Audience!              

In Closing; "I Believe, that a positive attitude and healthy spirit, make anything possible". To understand others and help THEIR dreams become possible. I First of all -Listen to Directions,  Come to Play for the Music and the Audience. And I feel that Students, should be able to Trust their teachers to Help Them find and Grow Their Talents to Accomplish Whatever They Can Dream.

Hope to see You soon,

All the Best, and Keep Groovin'