DUFFY KING -“Acoustically Speaking” (New Album)Featured in JAZZIZ Magazine’s (Winter 2016-17).

Duffy King's New Record - "Acoustically Speaking"



"Danza Del Sol" song on the FEATURED Sampler  Disc included in this issue of JAZZIZ MAGAZINE.  

And I'm playing Percussion On iT!   

"Danza del Sol"  by Duffy King;

[Duffy- Nylon String Guitars; Felix Sainz - Double Bass; Rob Emanuel - Drums; Perry Senn- Percussion] 

I've only known of Duffy King since about 2013.  I was working with a steady band and when we'd play in clubs north of Phoenix - We'd see Duffy come by and sit in with us once in a while.

 But, I enjoyed every time he sat in -he crushed it.. Not only  can the man play acoustic guitars as is evidenced on his album, but he plays electric guitar like a beast, and SINGS his butt off.

  1. Duffy even tapped me for the drum chair in an "All-Star" group he packaged it as-(cause the four  of us in that band were from other well-known, highly visible bands around Phoenix). Duffy- was working with the "Crown Kings";
  2. Perry Senn -(yours truly) at that time, holding the drum chair with the "Ryan Sims Band" (formerly Easton Ashe); 
  3. Guy Kolpitz-Our second guitarist, is still lead guitar of "Mogollon";
  4. Joe Bass (Yes that's the man's name), also from Detroit-a long-time musical associate of Duffy, (being from same hometown and all)- was also playing around Phoenix -hired by many that knew of his bass playing prowess.  

Duffy and I became fast friends for the couple years he lived in Phoenix, before He and his wife moved back to his hometown, Detroit where he grew up. 

So, we're hanging out and Duffy says something like; I've got this "Acoustic" record that I've written and been recording- I've already added some drums and bass -so- it's mostly finished, he says;  "BUT, I THink I'm 'Hearing' some percussion in it too".

*So when he asked me to come up and play some on his record, I agreed without a second thought. Cause whatever that man does is musical and fun... imagine that!

I've played percussion on a lot of studio dates; so I just brought along some things that I figured would do; As far as the flavor of the grooves and textures.. He wanted an "Acoustic Feel" and Sound to this particular record- and I think we accomplished that for this project. ​Of course it was another fun day hitting things, and hanging with Duffy and his huge dog in his studio space. 

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  • There are whispers in the breeze, that he may be booking an upcoming show at the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) in the future - supporting this record.
  • The copy of JAZZIZ Magazine is reported to be at the 2017 NAMM Show in Anaheim this January.
  • So look for it in the FREE Magazine racks (Of all the MAJOR publications like Guitar Player; Modern Drummer, etc); that they offer in the show. (Usually around by the registration area and/or lower levels of the NAMM Convention Center Hall).  ​

Thanks for reading - (pick up JAZZIZ magazine free at NAMM if you're there) 

Blessings, and Keep Groovin' 

Drum Tips_ Learn How to Play Drums For Beginners

Learn How to Play Drums for Beginners...

Today'sTIP: Slow it Down to Play Faster

Or Anyone ELSE that ever wants to learn a drum beat, fill, or phrase quickly-- Anyone?! I THOUGHT SO - hehe.. Read on. 

Have you ever found yourself playing a beat or fill, and thought, Just try it again?
  • While that's the GENERAL IDEA; that won't really get you where you want (or need) to be.
  • First of all, if we're NOT playing it right- We're Learning it wrong.
  • The main issue is Drumming is Muscle Memory which means by repetition of a movement- that movement is "Memorized" by our body.
  • We generally want to practice at our BODY GROOVE which is fairly around our heart rate. So, to slow down, Just Feels Weird. *Yes and sometimes harder to do.

I started out at my drums: Just a regular day- warmup,

  • I start playing a sticking that is fairly easy for me.
  • I wanted to put a foot pattern under the hands (that by itself was also familiar and farily easy for me).
  • But - it wasn't happening right away.

So, I backed the tempo, way down...

I realized as I started to do this = This IS the exact thing TO DO, That I tell my students or any class, of practically anything that "We can't yet do".


 ( I used myself- to prove to you, that, while it may take different times depending on the difficulty, and/or the familiarity to something you already know or can already play): This exercise WAS something I couldn't do right when I set out to add the feet to the hands right off. (Yes I can play a lot of other combinations- But the LESSON HERE is the SAME. (Have you Ever Heard?) SLOW and STEADY wins the race!

*a very POWERFUL TOOL in LEARNING TO PLAY THE DRUMS (Any instrument really); what I find to be one of the toughest things for us drummers to do.


Many times, while teaching students, I'll have to stop and remind them of this simple "TIP".

A lot of the time it's my beginners need a few more reminders, because they haven't learned to trust the process yet ; Yet, I find many players, myself included; Do well to take this advice.

Here's something I like to remember along with learning a fill, groove, etc. on the drums.

"Everything is playable- we just have find THAT speed, and start there".

About Now, you're saying- That's boring and "I'm outta Here"... But, check out this video just below__ 

Starting with Just  a Single Stroke Roll - This was done to  show SLOW to FAST to SLOW (Just take this process and stretch it out in your practicing rudiments).  

Keep Groovin'

‘Time Loves a Hero’ -A Day with “Little Feat” Drummer Richie Hayward

(*Originally this  pic came up on FB as a "Blast from the past" that they do, and this was just a FB post, but turns out, I can't tell a short story-hah;  

Most of my time on the road was a gas. Here's a little story about getting, not only meet, but talk about "Life" and hang with the Legendary Drummer  Richie Hayward one afternoon in Norway. 

Listening to, and getting to see Richie's grooves and feel, was a thrill. Wish I had an iPhone 6 THEN: or ANY video taken... Taking from his work, JUST in "Little Feat" by itself ( he was a LA session top call guy as well when he was available). was stunning. I remember playing along to Songs like; "Time Loves a Hero", "Dixie Chicken", "Fat Man in the Bath Tub" etc. Trying to get How he did what he did, with the twisty feels and greazy timing. 

RICHIE HAYWARD BIO   http://www.littlefeat.net/richard-hayward-bio.html

Of course many drummers have been subject of my prying and lifting what I can from them; But Richie and Little Feat  really gave me something that peaked my interest in THAT kind of drumming. So, a couple reasons of why Richie with Little Feat have kept me listening. .   

  1. Because of Richie's ability to add odd, almost quirky fills and hits, not drawing away from the song.  
  2. All while supplying an unwavering groovy, backbeat, making the pocket funkier, often with twisty grooves.. 

On this beautiful, pleasantly sunny, warm, summer afternoon in Norwegian countryside; Yours truly, found himself  hanging out with Richie Hayward -(and some members of the legendary group Little Feat): On this sprawling deck patio, (of the *hotel where the festival put up all the artists and bands); 

Blame it on aimless wandering, and not meeting MY band mates (I think they went walking to a waterfalls-completely nice in a completely different way- plus, I had already done that)  I ended up sitting outside talking with Richie and some of his bandmates on this peaceful afternoon before their gig. (We had played the night before).  

As I recall, after a while though, it was just the two drummers -Richie and myself; sitting for about two- three hours, sipping on soft drinks and talking about_ wives, drums, girls, music, places we've lived, life, -not necessarily in that order.

This was super special for me, because Ritchie was truly an influence of mine. I remember getting the Little Feat -"Waiting for Columbus" record, and playing along to "Fat man in the Bathtub", "Dixie Chicken", "Time Loves a Hero" I was always taken by his Greazy (like a southern swampy soul) powerful, aggressive groove while adding intricacies (like Vinny C. or Manu K. -a "lope" almost like Jeff Porcaro at times) while playing an almost uncanny hard strong backbeat-(ala- Steve Ferrone, J.R., or Denny Fongheiser)

LITTLE FEAT DISCOGRAPHY:  https://www.google.com/#q=little+feat+discography

 I got to witness Later that night after the afternoon hang - from the stage side wings and backstage Thru the curtain- standing right behind the drums (I'm a drum geek!). Watching that funky machine in a human body .

Shortly after later that year Richie was diagnosed with cancer and within the next year they were holding a benefit at the Canyon club near LA and I saw him there again and he played a whole set - probably an hour show with Little Feat. He sounded great, strong,- they said he was feeling sick, but you couldn't tell by his playing. Sadly he died, I believe within the next year.   

MESSAGE FROM RICHIE, AND LITTLE FEAT   http://www.littlefeat.net/news.html?n_id=599

Something I've almost never done, though: Ask or take pictures with my Musician Friends: In my twelve years living in the LA Metro area; I Feel I've been blessed and fortunate to have met, and hung around countless drumming and music "heroes" of mine (many also, legendary to music fans). Many of whom I get to call friends.  Some I've even SUBBED FOR. (Which is almost silly to me, when I think about it)

Another thought this brings up, when I think of Little Feat of being around the Great and Legendary Musicians; There's a studio that I've rehearsed in, a while ago now. (some of the first few years of my living in LA). With hundreds of names signed by the many musicians who've spent time in those rehearsal rooms. Jim Keltner, Jeff Porcaro,..Richie Hayward.  It was something to play in the rooms those guys had worked in. Probably not a big deal- but it was cool to me. 

Getting to the end of this post, I am pulled out of that perfect mid-70's sunny afternoon, relaxing with soft drinks, on a sprawling deck of the hotel, overlooking a pristine lake a few hundred feet below, down the sloping Norwegian forest-covered countryside. 

Chatting about "life" with a true childhood rock-star-drum-influence of mine;

Richie Hayward Link    http://www.drummerworld.com/drummers/Richie_Hayward.html

Thank You Richie, R.I.P. 

Footnote:^*This hotel, overlooking a lake, about 15-20 kilometers out of town, is where they put up all the artists and their bands who played the Notodden Blues Festival) so we'd all eat in the same hall.....It WAS a WHo's WHO of Blues and Rock. 

Koko Taylor, James Cotton, Mick Fleetwood and his blues band, Little Feat, just to name a few of the huge amount of bands there-(to play three days of a full-tilt Blues Festival. and of course all the bands, and road managers. <I'm forgetting several names, but FB wasn't around then and with other musician's it just wasn't that hip to carry around a camera and take selfies like now.> Maybe I was just bashful.

Dixie Chicken1973Waiting forColumbus1978Sailin' Shoes1972Feats Don'tFail Me Now1974Down on theFarm1979Time Loves aHero1977Little Feat1971The LastRecord Album1975Let It Roll1988Hoy-Hoy!1981Representingthe Mambo1989Hotcakes &Outtakes2000Rooster Rag2012Live InHolland 1976 (Live)2014Ain't HadEnough Fun1995Shake Me Up1991ElectrifLycanthrope (Live)2014Kickin' It at theBarn2003Live fromNeon Park1996Chinese WorkSongs2000Late NightTruck Stop2001Barnstormin'Live2005The Best ofLittle Feat2006Down uponthe Suwannee River2003Highwire ActLive in St. Louis 20032004RockyMountain Jam2007Live at theRams Head2002As Time GoesBy: The Very Best of Little Feat1986Join the Band2008Under theRadar1998AmericanCutie (Live)2012OriginalAlbum Series200940 Feat: TheHot Tomato Anthology 1971–20112011ExtendedVersions2000Raw Tomatos,Volume One2002Live at theOrpheum Theater, Boston, October 31, 1975 (Remastered) [Live FM Radio Broadcast Concert In Superb Fidelity]1975On Your WayDown2015UltrasonicStudios, 1973-1974 (Doxy Collection, Remastered, Live on Fm Broadcasting)2015Live AtUniversity Of New Hampshire-Fieldhouse, FM Broadcast, Durham NH, 3rd October 1978 (remastered)2015Hellzapoppin' (Live)2013Live at theOrpheum Theater, Boston, 1976 (FM Radio Broadcast)1976Live At TheFox Theater, FM Broadcast, Atlanta GA, 23rd November 1988 (Remastered)2015Live AtUltrasonic Studios 19th September 1974 (Remastered) [Live FM Radio Broadcast Concert In Superb Fidelity]1974Ripe Tomatos- Volume One2002Rock Elite:Best Of Little Feat (Live)2015Radio Live:Little Feat2014Little Feat andFriends Radio Live2014FM BroadcastLittle Feat Live2014

Little FeatAlbumsWaiting for Columbus

Watch “Waiting for Columbus” (FULL ALBUM)Richie Hayward BioLITTLE FEAT Discography

BLUES: Shuffle Discussion(s) 1

Blues Shuffles:   Chicago vs Texas shuffles.

 **[By the way -by now two weeks later as I finish this post- First three weekends booked in Dec. '16 for this band]

A  drummer friend of mine, asked me to put up a video, to show the difference of Chicago vs Texas Blues styles;

At first, I said "sure"; and then I have to admit, I got a little intimidated - cause, then I figured I NEEDED to get everything right or I could get torn to shreds, in my comments section.... That said, I expect and sincerely do welcome comments.

Well, even after hundreds of hours on stages playing Blues gigs; (along with thousands more of Jazz to Rock)  I still went to do more research for you guys;  on the difference of the Chicago vs. Texas Blues shuffles

 I studied more recordings, and here it is, the end of the summer already.  Practically Thanksgiving... (I'm giving thanks that that this first part of the Blues discussion will be published).

We had just had this rehearsal -With Geo Bowman's new band - "Bluesmen w/Geo"

This is a new Band that is getting a first rehearsal in, to run some tunes. [I'm NOT thinking that I'll be able -or want to- use these versions anyplace]-   Be warned, this is raw rehearsal footage...

So here are; Examples taken from behind the drummer's seat - (Intended just for MY sake,  of checking the tempos later, the grooves, song lists, and if, what I'm playing, should be adjusted to meet the feel of each song). 

ABOVE: Rehearsal footage of - "Mother-In-Law-Blues". A Medium shuffle. This clips shows Chicago a  "feel" but, I'm not playing it traditionally at the top of the video.. More of a *Steve Gadd shuffle- (that I used from *Tom Brechtlein [Discography]  years ago- and He said he got it off Steve Gadd). with inside out ride cymbal pattern. - and the triplet upbeats with the left foot (hihat).  See Video below to watch HOW I switch to a "REVERSE JAZZ RIDE PATTERN" in the right hand. -*This concept I borrowed from the late, great Blues Drummer -*Richard Innes... [Credits]

See *NOTES:  at bottom of this post page for These Drummers websites- Credits, tours, etc. and WhY I would, listen to- and Copy from them. ​

 And from the first two notes, we were groovin'. That's where a great feel from the bass player-Michael, makes it so easy; as well as the guitar player's Rhythm playing, and Keyboard comps. [Really, these are all great players and that makes it very easy for the drums to add fuel to the groove].  

It comes to me.....That this illustrates how to "tuck the *backbeat" up under the bass note -THe "POCKET" for that "Feel" and sense of DRIVE TO THE TUNE/MUSIC.   

These few clips of Blues shuffles - (Essentially Chicago Style) Seem to at least help to explain my approach to playing this music. I hope they help you to get something out of them: Feel Free to Leave Comments Below as to what else you'd like to see highlighted and or explained more.   

These quick rehearsal vids,  End up saying a lot (with a band playing in "real time") and  showing quite a bit more than a bunch of explanations and conjecture will. -And, as the title of this post suggests, there are a few more videos in store; coming soon. *with accompanying blog post explaining what's going on. 

The Difference between the Chicago and Texas Shuffles?                                                                             Whats happening in the video clips?!? - Chicago type feel- the Snare drum or backbeat,  gets "tucked in" right up under the last note of the triplet on beats 1 and 3 (in this case, Michael-on bass, is playing the swung triplet figures)for a "@ & 4" that feels bluesy, but still pushes/drives the beat and the music forward.

TEXAS style would be a "wider" triplet feel. in "ours" (the drummer's case) just lean the spacing to AWAY from 16th notes and more TOWARD an even triplet "rounder" feel ​-more rock


*Backbeat - *(the snare hit on "2" & "4" for you beginners)

*Tom Brechtlein www.tombrechtlein.com -Tours, Discography, etc.

*Richard Innes:  -Credits:-discography.   -Richard Innes drummer -Google page  

*Steve Gadd:  www.drstevegadd.com  -Tours, Discography, etc. 

For Much MORE on practically any drummer you can think of, that you listen to:

Click on the DrummerWorld link below

*DRUMMERWORLD - The World of Drummers and Drums -to find FREE Video, discographies, and Information on All YOUR Favorite Drummers.


Steve Ferrone Laying it Down

Check out Steve’s Momentum on this groove

  – Solo Groove.   For more Steve Ferrone -GO to Drummerworld.com/Steve Ferrone

My ol buddy Mr Groove- MR. Steve Ferrone- If you don’t know him youngsters or drum newbies. Go to DrummerWorld.com -Steve Ferrone

Posted by Perry Senn on Friday, March 4, 2016

Perry Senn_drum solo_RSB@ Copper Blues-Phx 6-27-15

Perry Senn_drum solo_Ryan Sims Band @ Copper Blues-Phx 6/15

[fb-e url=”

Rockin’ in Downtown Phoenix, at one of Phoenix’ favorite night spots- Copper Blues.

Perry Senn Drum solo  Ryan Sims Band @ Copper Blues Downtown Phoenix, AZ My friend Tabitha Speirs had her camera phone ready and took this . So on a rare drum solo and even rarer that anyone would video it. Perry Senn (@PSennCo) | Twitter

 “Drum Solo” – Perry Senn with the Ryan Sims Band @ Copper Blues 6.27.15 Phoenix, AZ Posted by Tabatha Speirs on Monday, June 29, 2015. Thank You Tabatha


Pass it on Music peoples, -Start by smiling.

Let’s pass on this incredible gift of joy in music, To help the world be a lighter easier place -even if just to the people you meet on the street, stores, And On THE ROAD… (Lets just drive OUR OWN car today). Hand out a smile each day in what you do. Hopefully as well as in your playing!. If not, then play something funky to your ears. Help your neighbor, and think of others- I’ll work on doing the same. hehe.

Keep Groovin’