!! RUDIMENTS !! – Chris Dave proves the point! (And Says IT)

!! RUDIMENTS !! – Chris Dave proves the point! (And Says IT)

Check out his answer right here. (from Chris “Daddy” Dave Drum Clinic)

INTERESTINGLY; Chris “daddy” Dave Proves The point !! [And SAYS SO] Check out his answer right here in this Video.

I’ve been working hard at getting this Ebook “DRUM CONTROL” finished, and before I started I thought,

…another Drumming Method book?

But through my teaching and just being around the music world, I STILL keep coming up on many players, young and maybe even moderately advanced or whom have been playing for several years that…


Evidently; -Even with all the Stuff on Youtube it hasn’t changed much).

I NOW MORE THAN EVER, I Feel that “DRUM CONTROL” is, On Time -for sure a long time in coming. (And to REALLY prove the point)

 – Regarding this incredibly cool display of musicality and chops by Chris ‘daddy’ Dave. –One of the viewers commented; and I quote,

Viewer/comment- “His singles are perfect. How. Just How”.

( I RARELY EVER COMMENT ANYWHERE, BUT HERE’S MY COMMENT TO HIM-in it’s entirety, though -I felt a little bad for him that It was so long -ooops

Well, that’s kind of a simple answer- [And not to sound scolding or authoritative by me]. As I did practice a lot of basics -rudiments, and stickings, I generally DID NOT have a problems playing fast enough.

BUT from years of teaching, playing, and being around other drummers, I keep seeing and listening to many of them say -they “Can’t Get It”:

As C.D.(Chris Dave) has said-“You get the Basics down, you can play anything” “just the first ten are hard” (then we have to step up to doing the work)….. but I guarantee you it’s not JUST Chris’ speed (or is it ever) it then comes down to how he supports the music and people that he plays with makes it special- the X factor or WOW factor, if you will- (that makes us all drop a jaw) is approaching the MUSIC- MUSICALLY, and we hear and see his MUSICALITY.

FYI; For more of these sort of feats- check out Vinnie Coliauta, Simon Phillips, heck- Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Philly Joe Jones, and too many more to mention…to hear where Chris “thought” of it. Try www.Drummerworld.com maybe also. Peace, and Keep Groovin’ P.S. sorry for the long answer- that you probably didn’t even want hehe. .

So the Speed, Smoothness, and Control that Chris exhibits, can be practiced and Learned-

I too, believe that, Like many things: If you learn the basics, (on your instrument) you can play anything .

So, in realizing there needs to be a simple way to present these Drum Basics to students, young or not, that stays focused on helping us all to have Control on the Drums, (not over cooked with variations and/or exercises at first) I’m happy to offer to you,

My new eBook- “DRUM CONTROL” (Awesome Little Method Book for Ultimate BIG Drumming Results)- a totally FREE preview, to practice, and keep! (With Supporting Drum Video Lesson Examples).


has the things necessary to help you get that speed, smoothness and control you’ve been wanting out of your yourself and your instrument. Rudiments, Drum Set Beats, and even suggestions on HOW to PRACTICE. Ideas and exercises I developed- or was shown, by drummers I’ve studied with, many recognized as MASTERS on the instrument.

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