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Blues Shuffles:   Chicago vs Texas shuffles.

 **[By the way -by now two weeks later as I finish this post- First three weekends booked in Dec. '16 for this band]

A  drummer friend of mine, asked me to put up a video, to show the difference of Chicago vs Texas Blues styles;

At first, I said "sure"; and then I have to admit, I got a little intimidated - cause, then I figured I NEEDED to get everything right or I could get torn to shreds, in my comments section.... That said, I expect and sincerely do welcome comments.

Well, even after hundreds of hours on stages playing Blues gigs; (along with thousands more of Jazz to Rock)  I still went to do more research for you guys;  on the difference of the Chicago vs. Texas Blues shuffles

 I studied more recordings, and here it is, the end of the summer already.  Practically Thanksgiving... (I'm giving thanks that that this first part of the Blues discussion will be published).

We had just had this rehearsal -With Geo Bowman's new band - "Bluesmen w/Geo"

This is a new Band that is getting a first rehearsal in, to run some tunes. [I'm NOT thinking that I'll be able -or want to- use these versions anyplace]-   Be warned, this is raw rehearsal footage...

So here are; Examples taken from behind the drummer's seat - (Intended just for MY sake,  of checking the tempos later, the grooves, song lists, and if, what I'm playing, should be adjusted to meet the feel of each song). 

ABOVE: Rehearsal footage of - "Mother-In-Law-Blues". A Medium shuffle. This clips shows Chicago a  "feel" but, I'm not playing it traditionally at the top of the video.. More of a *Steve Gadd shuffle- (that I used from *Tom Brechtlein [Discography]  years ago- and He said he got it off Steve Gadd). with inside out ride cymbal pattern. - and the triplet upbeats with the left foot (hihat).  See Video below to watch HOW I switch to a "REVERSE JAZZ RIDE PATTERN" in the right hand. -*This concept I borrowed from the late, great Blues Drummer -*Richard Innes... [Credits]

See *NOTES:  at bottom of this post page for These Drummers websites- Credits, tours, etc. and WhY I would, listen to- and Copy from them. ​

 And from the first two notes, we were groovin'. That's where a great feel from the bass player-Michael, makes it so easy; as well as the guitar player's Rhythm playing, and Keyboard comps. [Really, these are all great players and that makes it very easy for the drums to add fuel to the groove].  

It comes to me.....That this illustrates how to "tuck the *backbeat" up under the bass note -THe "POCKET" for that "Feel" and sense of DRIVE TO THE TUNE/MUSIC.   

These few clips of Blues shuffles - (Essentially Chicago Style) Seem to at least help to explain my approach to playing this music. I hope they help you to get something out of them: Feel Free to Leave Comments Below as to what else you'd like to see highlighted and or explained more.   

These quick rehearsal vids,  End up saying a lot (with a band playing in "real time") and  showing quite a bit more than a bunch of explanations and conjecture will. -And, as the title of this post suggests, there are a few more videos in store; coming soon. *with accompanying blog post explaining what's going on. 

The Difference between the Chicago and Texas Shuffles?                                                                             Whats happening in the video clips?!? - Chicago type feel- the Snare drum or backbeat,  gets "tucked in" right up under the last note of the triplet on beats 1 and 3 (in this case, Michael-on bass, is playing the swung triplet figures)for a "@ & 4" that feels bluesy, but still pushes/drives the beat and the music forward.

TEXAS style would be a "wider" triplet feel. in "ours" (the drummer's case) just lean the spacing to AWAY from 16th notes and more TOWARD an even triplet "rounder" feel ​-more rock


*Backbeat - *(the snare hit on "2" & "4" for you beginners)

*Tom Brechtlein -Tours, Discography, etc.

*Richard Innes:  -Credits:-discography.   -Richard Innes drummer -Google page  

*Steve Gadd:  -Tours, Discography, etc. 

For Much MORE on practically any drummer you can think of, that you listen to:

Click on the DrummerWorld link below

*DRUMMERWORLD - The World of Drummers and Drums -to find FREE Video, discographies, and Information on All YOUR Favorite Drummers.

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