Drum Tips_ Learn How to Play Drums For Beginners

Learn How to Play Drums for Beginners...

Today'sTIP: Slow it Down to Play Faster

Or Anyone ELSE that ever wants to learn a drum beat, fill, or phrase quickly-- Anyone?! I THOUGHT SO - hehe.. Read on. 

Have you ever found yourself playing a beat or fill, and thought, Just try it again?
  • While that's the GENERAL IDEA; that won't really get you where you want (or need) to be.
  • First of all, if we're NOT playing it right- We're Learning it wrong.
  • The main issue is Drumming is Muscle Memory which means by repetition of a movement- that movement is "Memorized" by our body.
  • We generally want to practice at our BODY GROOVE which is fairly around our heart rate. So, to slow down, Just Feels Weird. *Yes and sometimes harder to do.

I started out at my drums: Just a regular day- warmup,

  • I start playing a sticking that is fairly easy for me.
  • I wanted to put a foot pattern under the hands (that by itself was also familiar and farily easy for me).
  • But - it wasn't happening right away.

So, I backed the tempo, way down...

I realized as I started to do this = This IS the exact thing TO DO, That I tell my students or any class, of practically anything that "We can't yet do".


 ( I used myself- to prove to you, that, while it may take different times depending on the difficulty, and/or the familiarity to something you already know or can already play): This exercise WAS something I couldn't do right when I set out to add the feet to the hands right off. (Yes I can play a lot of other combinations- But the LESSON HERE is the SAME. (Have you Ever Heard?) SLOW and STEADY wins the race!

*a very POWERFUL TOOL in LEARNING TO PLAY THE DRUMS (Any instrument really); what I find to be one of the toughest things for us drummers to do.


Many times, while teaching students, I'll have to stop and remind them of this simple "TIP".

A lot of the time it's my beginners need a few more reminders, because they haven't learned to trust the process yet ; Yet, I find many players, myself included; Do well to take this advice.

Here's something I like to remember along with learning a fill, groove, etc. on the drums.

"Everything is playable- we just have find THAT speed, and start there".

About Now, you're saying- That's boring and "I'm outta Here"... But, check out this video just below__ 

Starting with Just  a Single Stroke Roll - This was done to  show SLOW to FAST to SLOW (Just take this process and stretch it out in your practicing rudiments).  

Keep Groovin'

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