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About Perry Senn 

Along with working as a touring musician, and sideman with some of the most respected names in the music industry**.  

Perry's always had a passion to give back in helping future drummers build their skills and  reach their goals...and help them bypass some of the things that side-track young drummers.   

 **These include; [Chuck Berry, Jack Sheldon, David Garfield, Rob Chiarelli, Alex Ligertwood, Michael Becker, Jimmy Earl, Derek Nakamoto,Arthur Adams, Walt Fowler, Lee Thornburg, Roy Gaines, Carmen Grillo, Johnny Heiland, and many more...]

As a teacher, he's worked with drummers of all ages. Helping several of his students with admissions and scholarships to top music schools; Florida State University, William Paterson University, most recent student- starting fall 2016 at PIT -(Percussion Institute of Technology), LA, CA.

He's studied with some of the top names in drumming- (Jeff Hamilton, Joe LaBarbara, Bernie Dressel, Dom Moio, Kenny Aronoff, and Ari Hoenig,) gives him a unique perspective as a teacher- (who knows what it’s like to be in the student’s chair and how BEST to convey the“secrets” and “shortcuts” to getting your playing to SOUND professional, and work in music situations of most any kind and style.

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